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The Magic of Mosaics

Twenty-seven years ago when I renovated a bathroom I saved some left-over mosaic tile because I was enchanted with the design possibilites of mosaics.  I wanted to create something artistic with them and, finally, those tiles have come to rest in the mosaics that I have been creating lately on trivets, trays, table mats, wall plaques and table tops.

I love the glorious colors available in mosaic tile.  There is a depth and a richness of color to glass tiles, and they sparkle when the light catches them at different angles.  Many tiles also have an iridescent quality which adds to the magic of mosaics.

Below are images of mosaics that I have created, plus various works in progress.  You will find some of these mosaics displayed at my pottery studio during the 2016 Apples and Art Studio Tour.

The Creative Process

Creating one-of-a-kind mosaics is a time-consuming process.  The artistry demands many aspects in design, cutting and grinding shaped pieces to fit together easily, choosing a mix of hues to add to the richness of a color, randomizing the tiles to create interest, mixing different tile sizes and thicknesses in the one design to vary the terrain and to add sculptural qualities, and, in the end, producing a beautiful mosaic with a fine finish that is pleasing to the eye and draws you in.

The materials used to create mosaics are drawn from

travertine, marble, glass and ceramic tiles,
handmade ceramic tiles,
smalti glass tiles,
collected crockery and glass plates,
glass pebbles, mille fiore and glass beads.

Most of the small tiles are cut by hand using tile and glass nippers.  I create the handmade tiles using slab-rolled clay, painted with underglaze colors, then glazed and fired in the kiln.  Sharp or rough edges on pieces are removed by grinding on a smoothing stone.  The backer boards consist of glass, plywood or plastic board.  The tiles are glued to backer boards and grouted with colored cements.


Decorated tiles hand-made from clay


Patio table mosaic on glass

Tesserae cut from tiles, crockery and stained glass

Random design on table top



Designing and creating a domed building mosaic
in travertine and glass tile



Creating a patio tabletop using handmade ceramic pieces

Trivet 9" x 10" using glass and ceramic tile

Trivets in glass, stone and ceramic tile, random designs



Table mats, trivets and coasters

The mosaics collection is growing!

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